Unpack wpress file using Node.Js

We’ll be using Node.js in this way. Node.js has the benefit of being able to open WordPress files on Windows, MacOS, and Linux. However, Method 1, which only works with Mac and Windows, requires the usage of wpress-extractor.

We need NodeJS for this method. Now let us move on to the steps required to extract wpress file.

Step 1: Download NodeJS installer from the official website.

Step 2: Run the installer and install as any normal software. Restart computer.

Step 3: Open command prompt and test whether Node JS has been installed successfully and working.

For this type Node -v in command prompt. It will print version of NodeJS file.

Step 4: Now open the folder where you exported your wpress file then in command prompt type this:

npx wpress-extract your_backup_file.wpress

It will create a new folder named your_backup_file where all the content will be extracted.

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